Cold Steel MAA Lance Point Spear (64″ Ash Wood) 95MLP

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The Man at Arms was a stalwart and dependable fighter who exhibited great martial prowess with a range of weapons. He was a capable and competent warrior who was the veteran of many conflicts and was often first into the fray. Although he was not a Knight, he fought and trained alongside them as a brother in arms. To honor these rugged, reliable, salt-of-the-earth warriors we have created a range of true journeyman’s weapons that we have called the Man at Arms Collection. Each of these battle-ready pole-arms features 1055 Carbon steel and is deeply blued to a lustrous finish and comes complete with a premium American wood shaft. The Lance Point was (as its name suggests) a formidable tool when used from horseback. Historically it was used by German, French, British and Indian cavalry troops. During our research and testing we were consistently astounded by the penetrative power of the Lance Point’s hollow ground, spring tempered triangular blade. Puncturing hard targets with the slightest effort, it was fast, lively in hand and incredibly effective whether used from horseback, on foot or even thrown into appropriate targets.

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Part # 95MLP
Weight 12.2 oz. (spearhead) 42.6 oz. (overall)
Thickness No
Blade Length No
Handle 64″ Ash Wood
Steel / Material 1055 Carbon
Overall 80″
Additional Feature No

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