Boker Plus Slack Slip Joint Folding Knife Black G-10 (3.2″ Satin) 01BO065

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Like many classic French pocket knives, the Boker Plus Slack by Raphaël Durand is based on the traditional Navaja from the Mediterranean region. However, Raphaël Durand transforms this concept into a modern design. The slender handle of the gentleman’s knife features scales made of G10 to cover the stainless steel plates underneath. Generous bore holes in the plates decrease the weight and make it even more comfortable. The blade of this slip joint knife is crafted of VG-10 and was given a refined horizontal satin finish. With lanyard hole and without clip.

Type: Pocket Knife
Designer: Raphael Durand
Total Length: 7,3
Blade length: 3.2 in
Blade thickness: 0.10 in
Weight: 2.3 oz
Blade Material: VG-10
Handle Material: G10
Lock: Slipjoint
Opener: No
Opening: Manual
Color: Black
Blade Color: Uncoated

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